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  • Gaurav Agrawal

    Gaurav Agrawal

    Telegram @gaurav_zen , Editor — Coinmonks publication (medium.com/coinmonks) and working on (https://coincodecap.com)

  • Chiranjeevi T G

    Chiranjeevi T G

  • Krunal Kapadiya

    Krunal Kapadiya

    Machine Learning Facilitator | Google Certified Android Developer | Engineer @ClarionTechnologies https://krunal3kapadiya.app/

  • Trish Daniel

    Trish Daniel

  • Alex Cowan

    Alex Cowan

    I am the CEO and Founder of RazorSecure, a startup focused on providing cyber security solutions, powered by machine learning, for the railway industry

  • Hanna Brooks Olsen

    Hanna Brooks Olsen

    I wrote that one thing you didn’t really agree with. Interests include progressive policy, minor league baseball, and avoiding Zoom calls. Curious to a fault.

  • Elle Townsend

    Elle Townsend

    Software Engineer & Comp. Sci. graduate, writing about professional development, working in tech, and all things coding. https://www.elletownsend.co.uk

  • Shanika Wickramasinghe

    Shanika Wickramasinghe

    Senior Software Engineer and Freelance Technical Writer. I write about any Computer Science related topic. https://www.linkedin.com/in/shanikawickramasinghe

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